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Nitin Bihani, CEO,
Honest Acres Pvt Ltd.

CEO: Nitin Bihani, 30, B.Com (Hons.), Chartered Accountant, previously handling manufacturing operations of Family business Rajasthan Celluloid Industries (Established in 1956) renowned firm known for Quality and honesty in the sector of Acrylic bangles, first Firm in India to launch fixed rate concept on large scale in bangle industry. Continue Reading…

HONEST ACRES Pvt Ltd. is a real estate firm of Jodhpur (Rajasthan), established by a group of professionals, which provides consultancy in the sector of real estate, from getting approvals from legal authority up to final marketing of project. Our core area is investment management in real estate sector. We purchase or sale property as if it is our own, our decision will not only consider price of the property but also other matters such as : -

  1. Income tax laws and wealth tax laws : such as in whose name property should be purchased, how to save tax on capital gain proceeds, how to adjust home loans as a tax benefit, creation of HUF, etc.
  2. Investigations related to intended property: past record of developer, any dispute in the property, related government order, any case pending in the court, screening of documents, future development in the area.
  3. Providing services in relation to future safeguard of property such as construction of boundary wall, name plate on boundary wall, issue of telephone or electric connection in the owners name etc.
  4. Providing services in relation to home loans, there are too many hidden clauses in home loan agreement which a layman could not understand. To understand the requirement of client and then suggesting which home loan would be better for client.

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